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Luggage Tags for Kit Bags

For a long time we have been experiencing issues at nearly every lesson with regard to students either misplacing equipment or kit bags, this results in lessons being disrupted whilst the missing item’s normally in someone else’s kit bag or lying around are located.  

Going forward we are going to have to insist that all bags left in the academy are labelled with a robust luggage label which will have the students name and club details clearly marked on it and most importantly will remain attached to the bag.

The academy will supply these luggage labels at a reduced price of £5 per bag and will only accept these labels being used to identify bags left at the club in future. If you are not happy to pay for one of these label’s then we will have to ask you to ensure your child’s bag is taken home after each lesson.

The personalized luggage labels are in the proshop ready for you to purchase we ask that you buy these as soon as you can. Ideally we would like to get to a situation where all the bag’s  left at the club have the luggage tags on by the Easter holidays.… 

We thank you in advance for your co - operation and understanding in helping us resolve what is becoming an ongoing issue.