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Triple success for Hallie – Jo at the Revolution English Championships in Worksop

Hallie - Jo Talbot topped a long list of winners at the first tournament our students attended in 2020 with her triple success in winning one light contact and two semi contact divisions. 

Revolution Article - Picture 

Mia Woodward and Keevi Talbot enjoyed double success winning both disciplines whilst Brad Derbyshire, Shannon Bacon and David Kurpeniks all enjoyed wins in light contact and Kyran Henry – Jones in semi contact.


Second places went to James Casey, Oscar Duggan, Tejay Bacon, Kaiya Henry – Jones and Ayla Mortimer in light contact and Oscar Duggan, Ellie Heyworth and Tejay Bacon in semi contact.


Others making the podium in third place included Ellie Heyworth, Aidan Parkinson, Kyran Henry – Jones and Ava Casey in light contact and Ava and Ethan Casey in semi contact.


Congratulations to all our medallists especially Ellie Heyworth (right) and Oscar Duggan who  performed exceptionally well at their first competition.