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In line with the government directive to try and minimise the spread of the
Coronavirus and importantly for the safety and well being of all our
students and their parents / guardians we are suspending all lessons both
at Stacksteads and Holcombe Brook until further notice. Our centre in
Stacksteads is now closed and locked down. At the moment we have no idea
how long this will be for.....

During these unprecedented times we ask you all to follow the government
advice in practicing safe hygiene and minimising social contact by social
distancing. We want all of you to stay safe and stay well as we enter what
is a period of great uncertainty.

Closing the Academy is going to present us with financial challenges and
whilst we will look to implement processes to minimise our costs and do
have some reserves there is only so much we can do. To give us every chance
of surviving what is in no doubt going to be a really challenging period it
would be extremely helpful if as many of you as possible who pay by direct
debit can continue to pay fees, hopefully when the country comes out of
this and at some stage in the future we will be in a position to reimburse
some of, if not all of the monies that people continue to pay us.

As a result of the current situation all events we had planned have been
cancelled or suspended with the exception of the Easter Raffle which we are
continuing with.* We are bringing the date of the draw forward to Wednesday
1st April which will be done by some of the club officials on a live feed
in the evening, this will give us more time to get the hampers to the
winners before Easter. We are still looking for donations of eggs, if you
have eggs to donate please drop them off at either Chloes address or
Lyndas, those of you selling or purchasing tickets need to get the monies
and ticket stubs to Chloe by no later than Tuesday 31st March.....*

We encourage all students to try and continue training in some way whilst
they are away from the academy, it is important particularly in terms of
the fitness levels that they continue to do something. Wherever parents can
help with this it would be appreciated.

We understand these unique circumstances are going to change the whole way
you all go about your daily lives, not coming to lessons is going to be
life changing for many of you breaking what is a daily routine. To help get
you over missing the sport you all love I do recommend that you visit our
youtube channel where by the end of today it will be fully updated with the
fights from the Irish Open 2020. Remember there are hundreds of fights on
our channel going back over a decade which are worth watching.

We will be back to you when we have further information, in the meantime we
ask that you stay safe, stay well and follow all the guidelines given, look
after not just yourselves but others especially vulnerable family members.

With your help we will survive these unbelievably challenging times that
lie ahead of us and come back stronger than ever...