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Girls Team Performance highlight of a very successful day at European Event

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We sent a strong squad to compete at Alex Barrowmans BCKA European invitational tournament in Corby and our fighters, who were up against competitors from Scotland, England, Germany and Ireland did not disappoint.

On what was a really successful day our students accumulated a total of seventeen wins, six second places and five thirds, and if that wasn’t enough our girls team consisting of Mia Woodward, Ruby Hoyle and Kyrah Khan won the junior girls semi contact team event with the boys team ending up losing finalists in their team event.

Individual wins went to Shannon and Tejay Bacon, Kaiya Henry – Jones, Jamie Hunt, Hallie – Jo Talbot in light contact, Eromi Navaratnam, Bradley ‘O’ Shea, Kyran Henry – Jones, Romeo Navaratnam in semi contact and Mia Woodward, Kyrah Khan, Ruby and Patrick Hoyle who enjoyed success in both disciplines.

Second places went to Romeo Navaratnam, Brad Derbyshire, Bradley ‘O’ Shea, and Dylan Jourey in light contact and Jamie Hunt and Kaiya Henry – Jones in semi contact, whilst Eromi Navaratnam got a third in light contact with Harvey Grenfell, Brad Derbyshire, Hallie – Jo Talbot and Dylan registering thirds in semi contact.

There were many stand out performances on the day but there is no doubt the performance of our girls points team had everyone’s attention as they initially navigated there way past a team from BCKA at the semi final stage. In the final they were up against an exceptionally good Irish team, but under the expert guidance of Chloe and Charlotte who got the tactics absolutely spot on Ruby, Kyrah and Mia fought superbly to secure the win and take the applause from a very appreciative audience who were all impressed with the quality of the fighting which was of the highest calibre.

It was unfortunate the boys team comprising  Harvey Grenfell, Patrick Hoyle and Jamie Hunt who had fought superbly well in defeating a team from ACAMA in the semi final could not repeat the girls result in their final. Losing Harvey to a cut eye in the semi final did not help with Tejay; who deputised coming up against an opponent who was considerably larger than him.

Well done to all our fighters who represented our academy so well, your performance both on and off the mat is the reason why we as a club are invited to this event each year and after this years display the invitation to next years event has already been made.