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Two of our World Champions in a fight with a Difference on Bank Holiday Monday

Shannon Bacon and Chloe Love had a fight with a difference when they ended up competing against each other in a pool of gravy, it was all a bit of fun and was for a good cause helping to raise funds for the East Lancs Hospice at the Rose N Bowl’s annual World Gravy Wrestling Championship Event, which you have to say is one of the craziest events ever to earn the title of World Championship.

Organiser John Lowe from the Rose ‘n’ Bowl has been trying to get some of our people in the gravy for years but has always met with stubborn resistance from Alf who was always been concerned about injuries to his students, however he finally gave in because of the support we have enjoyed from both the Rose n Bowl and the Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company who are joint organisers of the event.

Chloe and Shannon’s stint in the gravy followed on from a demonstration in which they and many other of our students showcased all their skills on the surface they are more familiar with albeit that the session was somewhat dampened due to intermittent showers.

Our girls were the first to go in the gravy so it was quite warm just like when you have it on your roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, mind you they nearly did not get in at all due to the initial reluctance by one of the organisers which was quickly met with a classic repost from John declaring ‘THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS !

Well done to our girls for taking up the challenge especially when you consider all the other things they could be doing on a rainy Summer Bank Holiday in Lancashire….!! On the day over £2000 was raised for a very worthy cause.