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Very Much a Ruby, Ruby, Ruby day at the Ippon Challenge !!

It was very much Ruby Hoyle’s day at a very busy Ippon Challenge held in Bradford on Sunday 30th September. Not intent on winning in both light and semi contact Ruby also was victorious in the Grand Championship giving her a fantastic triple success. Kyrah Khan enjoyed double success winning both her light and semi contact finals against our very own Mia Woodward who had moved up into the division.

Second places also went to Patrick Hoyle, Tejay and Shannon Bacon in light contact and Hallie – Jo Talbot and Kaiya Henry – Jones in semi contact.

Third places went to Robbie Law, Bradley ‘O’ Shea, Hallie–Jo Talbot, Ben Shaw and Brad Derbyshire in light contact and Tejay Bacon, Patrick Hoyle and young Ben Shaw in semi contact with the later making his semi contact debut negotiating a heavily populated division to get to the semi–final.

Congratulations to everyone including those who missed out on the podium places..