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Our annual visit to the Bristol Open was unfortunately spoilt by the behaviour of a couple of officials who particularly on the Saturday ruined what potentially could have been a really good day for our fighters.

We all have to put up with bad decisions and they are extremely frustrating at the time but as regular followers of the sport you do learn to accept them and get over it, however there were several over the weekend involving Tejay Bacon, Bradley ‘O’ Shea and Mia Woodward that did leave a bitter taste mainly because they were the difference between winning the division and coming second which is a little harder to accept.

To make matters worse Alf ended up pulling Harvey Grenfell out of his light contact fight on the Saturday due to the unfair treatment he was getting from the referee who seemed to only want to penalise him for holding when his opponent was clearly the main culprit. What was wholly unacceptable was the disrespect shown towards Alf, in particular from one WAKO official on the Saturday which is something that has no place in our sport and was all the more of a surprise coming from an organisation who in fairness have done more than any others in taking our sport forward with the innovative ideas they have introduced over the last decade. This was pretty much the last straw for Alf and prompted him to seriously consider pulling all our fighters from the tournament on Sunday but thankfully after intervention from the organisers and a call to the WAKO Vice President on Saturday evening from our Club Secretary the official was noticeably absent from the tournament on the Sunday and things were significantly better and what you expect from the BRISTOL OPEN...

In amongst all the drama and controversy our fighters still achieved some impressive results, on Saturday Mia Woodward won in light continuous repeating her result at the 2015 event, Tejay and Shannon Bacon, Johnny Hoyle and Bradley ‘O’ Shea all came second with Chloe Love, Ruby Hoyle and Robbie Law coming third. Sunday saw all our fighters compete in semi contact and Ruby Hoyle and Romeo Navaratnam did not disappoint as they both registered their first ever wins at this event, Mia Woodward and Bradley ‘O’ Shea were unfortunate in coming second in their respective divisions and Tejay Bacon, Idress Hussain and Eromi Navaratnam all secured third places.

After two days of competition our fighters with the exception of Harvey, who was disqualified after the events on Saturday, all benefited from some quality mat time against a really high standard of competitor which hopefully will prove to stand them in good stead for what lies ahead for the majority of them in a couple of week’s time in Dublin.

Our thanks go to both Sean Viera and Andy Cleeves who over the years have done a terrific job in making the Bristol Open one of the best tournaments on the kickboxing calendar, our issue on Saturday was not with them but with a minority of officials, we appreciate that they had the presence of mind to deal with the situation and respect them for that and I feel sure we will be back next year.

There will be no lessons at either Stackstead’s or Holcombe Brook from Monday 29th Until Saturday 3rd November inclusively, we will revert to our normal lesson schedule on Monday 5th November.

Our winner for October is no other than our club secretary Nigel Fagg, who was reminded by his other half that it’s the third time that his ball had been drawn when hers had not been drawn at all. That’s the luck of the draw as they say.

Bradley ‘O’ Shea is the academies student of the third quarter, since getting his first tournament win at BCKA European Invitational Brad has continued to grow in confidence and is improving all the time.

It was very much Ruby Hoyle’s day at a very busy Ippon Challenge held in Bradford on Sunday 30th September. Not intent on winning in both light and semi contact Ruby also was victorious in the Grand Championship giving her a fantastic triple success. Kyrah Khan enjoyed double success winning both her light and semi contact finals against our very own Mia Woodward who had moved up into the division.

Second places also went to Patrick Hoyle, Tejay and Shannon Bacon in light contact and Hallie – Jo Talbot and Kaiya Henry – Jones in semi contact.

Third places went to Robbie Law, Bradley ‘O’ Shea, Hallie–Jo Talbot, Ben Shaw and Brad Derbyshire in light contact and Tejay Bacon, Patrick Hoyle and young Ben Shaw in semi contact with the later making his semi contact debut negotiating a heavily populated division to get to the semi–final.

Congratulations to everyone including those who missed out on the podium places..

Our winner for September is Chris Bacon, let’s hope Chris’s win is a good omen for both Shannon and Tejay who will be competing at the World Championships in Dublin in early November

Twelve of our students competed at this tournament with two making their competition debuts in David Kurpeniks and Ben Shaw. Our twelve collectively claimed eight first places, two seconds and three third’s.

Our winners included Romeo Navaratnam and Tejay Bacon in both disciplines along with Eromi Navaratnam, Robbie Law, Hallie – Jo Talbot in light contact and Kyrah Khan in semi contact. Both Kyrah and Tejay maintained their 100 % win record for the entire Revolution series in both disciplines with just one tournament remaining this year.

Second places went to Hallie - Jo Talbot and Eromi Navaratnam in semi contact with third places going to Faye Hughes, Harvey Grenfell, Kyran Henry – Jones, David Kurpeniks and Ben Shaw in light contact and Robbie Law in semi contact.

Shannon Bacon and Chloe Love had a fight with a difference when they ended up competing against each other in a pool of gravy, it was all a bit of fun and was for a good cause helping to raise funds for the East Lancs Hospice at the Rose N Bowl’s annual World Gravy Wrestling Championship Event, which you have to say is one of the craziest events ever to earn the title of World Championship.

Organiser John Lowe from the Rose ‘n’ Bowl has been trying to get some of our people in the gravy for years but has always met with stubborn resistance from Alf who was always been concerned about injuries to his students, however he finally gave in because of the support we have enjoyed from both the Rose n Bowl and the Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company who are joint organisers of the event.

Chloe and Shannon’s stint in the gravy followed on from a demonstration in which they and many other of our students showcased all their skills on the surface they are more familiar with albeit that the session was somewhat dampened due to intermittent showers.

Our girls were the first to go in the gravy so it was quite warm just like when you have it on your roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, mind you they nearly did not get in at all due to the initial reluctance by one of the organisers which was quickly met with a classic repost from John declaring ‘THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS !

Well done to our girls for taking up the challenge especially when you consider all the other things they could be doing on a rainy Summer Bank Holiday in Lancashire….!! On the day over £2000 was raised for a very worthy cause.

Our winner for July was Alf Love, yes I can hear you all cry from all over
the valley OH NOT AGAIN !!. To be honest I cannot believe it myself.

Our winner for August was no other than Tracy Petterson. both our winners
win £50.

You can also be a winner so why not join by contacting Tracy Petterson, it
only costs £4 a month and lets be honest the more people we have in the
draw the less chance Alf will have of winning again...

Image to go alongside Alf Love 6th Dan Article

Our founder and Head Coach Alf Love’s dedication and contribution to martial arts for over 30 years was duly recognised when he was presented with his 6th Dan by the president of Shorai International, 8th Dan Joe Tierney. Over the last twenty five years Alf and Joe have become good friends and Alf has no doubt benefited in being able to tap in to the wealth of knowledge from Joe who is a legend within the martial arts community.

Alf is pictured with Joe and one of our former students Mick Waters who was presented with his 5th Dan at the end of a seminar taken by Joe attended by around thirty of our students.  Our sincere congratulations go to Alf in reaching such a significant milestone in a sport which he has dedicated the majority of his life to.

Sixteen of our students competed at the latest tournament in the 2018 Revolution series and as at past events this year they had a very successful day registering a total of 16 wins, 9 second places  and 2 thirds.

Tejay Bacon, Mia Woodward and Kyrah Khan won in both light Contact and semi Contact maintaining their respective 100% win rates in both disciplines for the entire series, whilst Romeo Navaratnam also enjoyed double success, other students to top the  podium included Faye Hughes, Jamie Hunt and Eromi Navaratnam in semi contact and Harvey Grenfell and Ruby Hoyle in light contact.

Second places went to Faye Hughes, Lewis Love – Ashton, Patrick Hoyle Kyran  and Kiaya Henry – Jones in light and Harvey Grenfell, Kiaya Henry – Jones, Johnny Hoyle, Ruby Hoyle and Brad Derbyshire in semi, with both Jamie Hunt and Eromi Navaratanam being placed third in light contact.

Congratulations to all our students on a great result.

Image to go alongside Student of Quarter Article

Our coaches have awarded Zack Tickle with the student of the 2nd quarter award, Zack who is aged just nine has worked extremely hard to pass his Blackbelt grading after not being successful on his initial grading last December. The improvement in Zack over the past 6 months was clearly evident to Sensei Joe Tierney who said he had made a 200% improvement. To cap the evening Zack pictured right was lucky to be presented with the shield by both Sensei Alf Love and Joe himself.

Emma Law is our winner for June, she wins £50. If you want to have a chance of winning like Emma and join our pound club then all you have to do is contact Tracy Petterson from our fundraising team.

Image to go with Girls Team Event Article.

We sent a strong squad to compete at Alex Barrowmans BCKA European invitational tournament in Corby and our fighters, who were up against competitors from Scotland, England, Germany and Ireland did not disappoint.

On what was a really successful day our students accumulated a total of seventeen wins, six second places and five thirds, and if that wasn’t enough our girls team consisting of Mia Woodward, Ruby Hoyle and Kyrah Khan won the junior girls semi contact team event with the boys team ending up losing finalists in their team event.

Individual wins went to Shannon and Tejay Bacon, Kaiya Henry – Jones, Jamie Hunt, Hallie – Jo Talbot in light contact, Eromi Navaratnam, Bradley ‘O’ Shea, Kyran Henry – Jones, Romeo Navaratnam in semi contact and Mia Woodward, Kyrah Khan, Ruby and Patrick Hoyle who enjoyed success in both disciplines.

Second places went to Romeo Navaratnam, Brad Derbyshire, Bradley ‘O’ Shea, and Dylan Jourey in light contact and Jamie Hunt and Kaiya Henry – Jones in semi contact, whilst Eromi Navaratnam got a third in light contact with Harvey Grenfell, Brad Derbyshire, Hallie – Jo Talbot and Dylan registering thirds in semi contact.

There were many stand out performances on the day but there is no doubt the performance of our girls points team had everyone’s attention as they initially navigated there way past a team from BCKA at the semi final stage. In the final they were up against an exceptionally good Irish team, but under the expert guidance of Chloe and Charlotte who got the tactics absolutely spot on Ruby, Kyrah and Mia fought superbly to secure the win and take the applause from a very appreciative audience who were all impressed with the quality of the fighting which was of the highest calibre.

It was unfortunate the boys team comprising  Harvey Grenfell, Patrick Hoyle and Jamie Hunt who had fought superbly well in defeating a team from ACAMA in the semi final could not repeat the girls result in their final. Losing Harvey to a cut eye in the semi final did not help with Tejay; who deputised coming up against an opponent who was considerably larger than him.

Well done to all our fighters who represented our academy so well, your performance both on and off the mat is the reason why we as a club are invited to this event each year and after this years display the invitation to next years event has already been made.


Six of our students travelled down to Corby to compete at Alex Barrowmans show on Saturday 19th May, Robbie Law was first up and got us off to a great start winning his fight against Harlee Hooker from BCKA. We then had two defeats with Jamie Hunt losing to Evan Balch from BCKA and Dylan Jourey being denied by some dubious judging with the win being awarded to BCKA’S James English.

Immediately after Dylans surprising loss Mia Woodward gave a dominate display to win her fight in the first round with her opponent Elise Sparham not wanting to continue, Kyrah Khan followed in a great fight against Kelsey Lock who came out all guns blazing, however as the fight went on Kelsey struggled to keep up the intensity and Kyrah ended up a very worthy winner against a tough opponent.

Our final fight saw Tejay Bacon up against Jack Dalton from BCKA in the third of a trilogy of fights the two have had in the last two months. Once again it was Tejay who came out the winner but he had to and was at his imperious best to get the win in what was the fight of the night. At the end of a bout that had the audience on their feet Tejay showed what a great sportsman he is raising Jacks hand aloft in appreciation of his display.

Our squad are pictured at the end of what was a great show minus Robbie Law who had to leave early to get back to Lancashire for an important family event, our thanks go to Alex Barrowman and his team for the invitation and the wonderful welcome we all received on what was a great evening.  

Corby Fight Night Article

Eighteen of our fighters travelled up to Scarborough to compete at the Revolution Yorkshire Championships on a day that was fit for summer. Seventeen of our students were amongst the medals winning a combined total of 13 Firsts, 9 Seconds and 5 thirds.

Our winners included Kyrah Khan, Tejay Bacon, Mia Woodward and Shannon Bacon who all enjoyed double success with wins in both disciplines, along with Harvey Grenfell, Romeo Navaratnam and Hallie – Jo Talbot in Light Contact and Ruby Hoyle and Eromi Navartanam in Semi Contact.

Second places went to Patrick Hoyle, Jamie Hunt, Jason Parkinson, Bradley ‘O’ Shea and Ruby Hoyle in Light Contact along with Kiaya Henry – Jones, Hallie – Jo Talbot, Ben and Jason Parkinson in Semi Contact.

Placed third in Light Contact were Kaiya and Kyran Henry – Jones and Johnny Hoyle with Bradley ‘O’ Shea and Johnny Hoyle getting third place in Semi Contact.

With the tournament finishing early and Alf very pleased with the result he decided to let the guys have a beach treat and take advantage of lovely summer weather that has come early this year.

The academy took delivery of new chairs for our parental viewing area in May. The Tub chairs in our club colours of red and black will ensure parents can be comfortable when attending lesson’s and further shows our commitment in making improvements to our facility.

We would ask parents to understand what we are doing in trying to keep our facility welcoming and help us by ensuring that this area is left tidy before they leave, with all rubbish placed in the bins provided and not left on the floor or tables and personal items belonging to them and their children being taken home.

Fourteen students travelled to Birmingham on the first Sunday in May to compete at the WKU National Championships and they did disappoint collectively winning nine National Titles, four silver medals and nine bronze medals.

Three students Tejay Bacon, Mia Woodward and Hallie – Jo Talbot were crowned Double National Champions winning in both disciplines whilst Harvey Grenfell won his light contact division and Kyrah Khan and Ruby Hoyle both topped the podium in semi contact.

Brad Derbyshire won silvers in both light and semi contact with Robbie Law (light) and Romeo Navaratnam (semi) also collecting silver medals.

Bronze Medals went to Ruby Hoyle, Eromi Navaratnam, Kaiya Henry – Jones, Johnny Hoyle and Kyrah Khan in light contact with the later fighting in a higher weight division and Harvey Grenfell, Eromi Navaratnam, Robbie Law and Kaiya Henry – Jones in semi contact.

Congratulations to all of those who competed in securing such a good result.

Eight of our students competed at Paul Ramsey’s fight night held in Blackburn at the end of April, they all fought very well with Lewis Love Ashton, Brad Derbyshire, Romeo Navaratnam and Harvey Grenfell all coming home victorious, unfortunately it was not to be for Eromi Navaratnam, Kyran Henry – Jones, Johnny Hoyle and Kyrah Khan who despite their efforts were unable to win, Kyrah was particularly unlucky to lose due to her original opponent dropping out at the last minute and then being  matched against a girl ten kilos heavier.

Well done to our Eight….!

In late April we welcomed fighters from Hurricane Combat and Fitness, Fit to Fight, X Martial Arts, Superior Fitness and Martial Arts, BCKA and Andy Crittenden’s Academy of Martials Arts to do battle against fighters from our own academy at our annual fight night.

With a running order of twenty nine fights we saw plenty of high quality action and also gave plenty of opportunities for novices to get their first taste of fight night action. Twenty one of our students took part, seventeen of whom registered wins including Ryley and Tayler Morton, Max Tighe and Charlie Woodrup who were all making their competitive debuts. Our other winners included Robbie Law, Ben Parkinson, Romeo Navaratnam, Hallie - Jo Talbot, Kyran Henry – Jones, Brad Derbyshire, Idress Hussain, Patrick and Ruby Hoyle, Dylan Jourey, Kyrah Khan, Tejay Bacon and James ‘Bucket’ Casey who’s fight with Michael Walters from SFMA was an absolute barnstormer. All the fighters put on a terrific show for our audience, who received a complimentary programme on arrival.

At the end of a great evening our officials Dean Imbusch, Joe Tierney, Mick Waters and Imran Majid awarded the Male Fighter of the Night to our very own Robbie Law and the female award going to Tegan Burnet from X Martial Arts Schools.

Our special thanks go to all the clubs who attended, our officials and all the businesses who chose to advertise in our event programme including our event sponsor ‘The Malcolm Group’ who helped us with the cost of the trophies.

Fight Night Article

Sarah Mortimer is our winner for April, Sarah used her winnings to treat her girls to a trip to the Circus that recently visited Rossendale, I’m sure they really enjoyed it..!

In early April Kyrah Khan, Romeo Navartanam and Tejay Bacon fought at Dale Bannisters show ‘The Battle of Wigan’ all three enjoyed success giving us a 100 % win rate, well done to our winning trio!

After her success in the recent WKKC National championships in Bradford where she won Gold in Light Contact and Silver in Semi Contact the academies Student of the first quarter is Kaiya Henry – Jones. Kaiya has worked very hard in the first three months of this year and gave a confident performance at the tournament. 

Well done Kaiya keep up the good work.

Twenty two of our students attended the National Championships held at the Richard Dunne Sports Centre in Bradford in Mid March and after a tough days competition they accumulated a total of 7 Gold’s, 6 Silver’s and 10 Bronze Medals.

For Mia Woodward, Jamie Hunt and Kyrah Khan it was a case of double success as the trio won in both light contact and semi contact, our other gold medallist came from a more unlikely source with Kaiya Henry – Jones making her National Championship debut winning in her light contact division, Kaiya showed great confidence considering her limited tournament experience with a very strong performance.

Silver Medals went to Adam Whiteman, Hallie – Jo Talbot, Harvey Grenfell, Tejay Bacon in Light Contact and Kaiya Henry – Jones and Tejay Bacon in Semi Contact whilst Bronze Medals went to Brad Derbyshire, Romeo and Eromi Navaratnam, Shane Love – Ashton, Shannon Bacon, Katy Hamer in Light Contact and Hallie – Jo Talbot, Idress Hussain, Ethan Gourgel and Shannon Bacon in Semi Contact.

Collectively our students had an excellent result the emergence of some of our less experienced fighters Ethan Gourgel, Eromi Navartanam and Kaiya Henry – Jones who all achieved  qualification for the World Championships for the first time was a huge positive for the academy and underlines the great job our coaches are doing.

With Ruby Hoyle, Patrick Hoyle and Chloe Love already qualified as current World Champions not competing at the Nationals joining all those who qualified at today’s event it is clear we will taking a very strong contingent of competitors to the World Championships in Dublin later this year.

Jenna Navartanam is the winner of the pound club for March, this is more good news for Jenna who announced recently that she is expecting twins in the summer.

Our winner this month is Tracy Petterson which is very apt considering she is a key member of our fund raising team which is what the pound club is about.

Why not give yourself the opportunity to win yourself by entering all it costs is £4 per month for details please contact either Tracy Petterson or Lesley Love from our fundraising team.   

Our new mini coach made her arrival on a wintry afternoon back at the academy having been at the vehicle wrapping factory in Warrington. Whilst being quite an old vehicle she looks brand new thanks to the work of the team at AST Signs who did a terrific job. Our thanks go to JP Carpets, DCL Security, Wrightsure Insurance, RJB Engineering and the Malcolm Group who all made donations to have their company logo placed on both of our vehicles. The new coach will make her maiden journey to a competition when our students attend the WKKC National Championships in late March.


Twenty One of our students attended the Revolution ‘ North of England Championships’ in Worksop at the end of February on what proved to be a very successful trip. In total we registered sixteen firsts, eight seconds and four third places, an excellent result. Several of our wins came from our more experienced fighters with Mia Woodward, Kyrah Khan and Tejay Bacon all winning in both disciplines, Mia also won an additional semi contact division making it a trio of victories on the day. It was  extremely pleasing to see the successes of Robbie Law and Hallie Jo Talbot who both enjoyed  double victories and also a win for Kaiya Henry – Jones who was making her competition debut securing a win in semi contact. Other winners on the day included Shannon Bacon, Chloe Love and Harvey Grenfell in Light Contact and Faye Hughes in Semi Contact. 

Second places went to Faye Hughes, Patrick, Johnny & Ruby Hoyle in Light Contact and Max Tighe, Patrick Hoyle and Ruby Hoyle in semi contact, whilst third places went to Shannon Bacon and Romeo Navaratnam in semi contact.

Ruby Hoyle and Kyran Henry – Jones were our only winners at the notoriously tough Wako British Nationals held in Solihull in Mid February, both won in light continuous and joined an elite group of academy students who have also won at past events comprising Patrick Hoyle, Mia Woodward, Shannon Bacon, Charlotte Fagg and Chloe Love.

Tejay Bacon fought superbly over the two days in a tough weight division to win silver medals in both light and semi contact, whilst Romeo Navaratnam in Light and Hallie Jo in Semi also won silver medals.

Bronze Medals went to Shannon Bacon and Harvey Grenfell in Light Contact and Patrick Hoyle and Harvey Grenfell in Semi Contact.   

Chloe Love is our first winner of 2018, this lady is used to winning mind albeit on the mat.

Our winner this month is Francis Connolly from Malcolm’s. Francis receives £50 which is a nice present at this time of the year.

The pound club will be continuing in 2018, if you are interested in taking part and getting the opportunity to win a cash prize then please contact either Tracy Petterson or Lesley Love from our fundraising team.