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Our Facility

Our training facility located at the Tollbar Business Park in Stacksteads, Bacup occupies the entire first floor of an old mill and is a completely self contained unit. We have male and female changing rooms with toilets and an area for parents to sit and watch lessons whilst enjoying a hot beverage from our drinks machine, we also have bottled water and chocolate bars on sale. 

Our facility includes a large matted area which enables us to train large numbers of students at any one lesson, the area is designed to allow our instructors the oppurtunity to split students into small groups. In addition we have a full size boxing ring which is used for continuous sparring sessions. The temperature within the gym can be controlled by our unique heating and cooling system allowing students to train in the best possible conditions whatever the weather outside. 

We have a wide variety of specific equipment available to our instructors to use in the lessons, including punch bags, focus mitts, kickshields, benches, hurdles and medicine balls. All the necessary personal equipment including head guards, gloves, foot and shin pads are provided for new members to use, however we do expect them to purchase their own equipment after they have been with us three months. Everything they require can be bought from our shop, for details on prices please visit our proshop page.

We recommend all prospective members to visit our facility to get a full appreciation of what it we have to offer.